Elevate your English and Enhance your Professional Presence

Led by American performers who are experts in both public speaking and English/Spanish translation, our workshops and retreats will provide you with the tools you need to reach the next level in your career.

3-Day Weekend Workshop

Elevate Your English – The Art of Public Speaking

This public speaking course is designed for professionals who already use English in their work and who wish to fine-tune their skills to better serve them on the global stage.

Participants will each come to this practical workshop with a presentation they hope to polish and hone. This may be material they have presented in the past or something they are preparing with an eye on the future. Through the progressive arc of the course, students will be introduced to basic technical concepts around vocal production and presence. They will observe themselves and others, noticing how they tend to breathe, how their breath gets stuck, how they hold their bodies in front of an audience, where they tend to focus during a presentation, and the negative messages they tend to feed themselves. There will be body-alignment and breath work as well as linguistic work in pronunciation, rhythms and grammar.

This course is perfect for university professors who are presenting their research at international congresses, executives who travel widely representing their firms, those preparing presentations as part of their official exams, and candidates for the European Doctorate. This 16-hr course is also a foundational piece to upcoming retreats and workshops for further study in achieving physiological ease with speaking, and how to engage an audience and make the greatest impact. 


Testimonials from our recent 3-Day workshop in Cuenca, Spain:

“Positive, inspiring – made me a better person and public speaker. Thank you!” – Ines, Teacher

“I have learned that I can do it despite my nerves.” – Idoia, Architect

“For me it was a great experience because despite I work in a place where my Department tells me “what” to teach maybe I could make an extra effort in order to change the “how” I teach and make it more appealing for my students. I’ll recommend your workshop to some of my friends.”  – Ricardo, Professor/Consultant

“I gained confidence.” – Cristina, Teacher

“Really inspiring.” – Miguel, Teacher

4-Day Executive Retreat

Elevate Your English – Embody Your Executive Persona

You’re already at the top of your game in your own country, and in today’s global market, you have many opportunities to expand your visibility and credibility worldwide.

Come work with us in a uniquely beautiful setting where the course is complemented with delicious food in a nourishing and relaxing environment. Learn practical use of the language for interviews and presentation as well as more colloquial use for milling around the water-cooler. From elevator chat to cocktail party banter, we’ll help you practice the most appropriate informal language for use in a formal setting.

You’ll leave feeling refreshed and inspired, ready to use your new skills as you ascend to the next level in your international career.


Custom 1-Day Workshop

Elevate Your English – Cultivate Better Communication

Offered on-site to your staff or upper-tier executives, this made-to-measure workshop might be considered an extended interactive TED Talk.

Inspire your personnel to improve their English communication with simple tools such as better body-alignment, more regulated breathing, sharper articulation, more resonant vocal tone and greater overall confidence.

Allow us to make things as easy as possible for you and your employees. Hosting the workshop in your home offices will provide you with the flexibility you need to continue to meet your deadlines, while learning how to improve your English communication at every level.